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Eternal Design’s Logo Design Process

When a client hires us to develop a distinctive brand identity system—a logo—we tackle this project using ”purposeful philosophy.” By understanding your philosophy of business or ministry—in essence, learning why you do what you do the way you do it—we can better help you communicate your identity and message.

With logo design, we begin by asking our clients seven questions. This survey helps us get to know our client’s target audience, primary message, and what separates them from their competition or other businesses serving similar clientele.

After reviewing our client’s answers, we set out to develop their logo through a series of prospective solutions. Our client’s first logo draft (“Rev. 1″) will include six unique designs reflecting their responses to our survey. From these six designs, our client is invited to select two for further revision (“Rev. 2″). This revision may include revising colors, typefaces, or mixing in graphic elements from other designs.

After reviewing Rev. 2, our client selects one final logo that most accurately represents their business. We will make one last round of edits on this logo (“Rev. 3″) and arrive at a final design that our client can say, “I love it!” The client receives their logo in both a full color and black/white design and in six file types suitable for any application. Our end goal is to develop a logo that absolutely reflects our client’s philosophy of business, communicates their primary message, and appeals to their target audience.

If you are ready to update your existing logo or create a new brand for your business, ministry, or product, Eternal Design would be honored to serve you. Contact us today and we’ll get our “purposeful philosophy” process in motion!

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