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Getting Your Business Started with Social Media

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. They’re just fads, right? Wrong. Social Media is here to stay and it’s one of the most powerful ways to get your brand or business in front of your target market.

Getting your business started with social media can seem like a huge task. Even if you personally are active on Facebook or Twitter, you might be asking “How do get my business integrated into social media?” And more importantly, “What do I do with it once I’m there?!”

In a recent blog post, Social Media Examiner offers several resources and tips to help you get started with social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and blogging. When your target market begins following your brand in the social media space, they are in essence saying, “I’m interested in your brand. Please tell me more.”

Additionally, being engaged with your consumers or clients through social media allows you to better listen to their needs. You’re familiar with push-pull marketing—if not the term itself, you’ve employed the strategy. Push marketing is when you push messages to your consumers in an attempt to pique consumers’ interests in a product or business and make sales. Sending out a discount via Twitter is an example.

Pull marketing is the opposite. Instead of pushing information to consumers, consumers pull information from businesses.  In other words, companies create marketing messages in response to consumers’ specific demands.  When consumers make it clear that they want a new product from you, and you deliver that product, you’ve responded to a type of pull marketing.  Similarly, if the online conversation prompts you to publish a blog post that answers questions you heard in that conversation, you’ve just implemented a pull marketing tactic.*

Use social media to engage your target audience and listen to their needs and interests. Employ pull marketing strategies more often and respond to your consumers’ demands rather than merely pushing self-promotional messages in hopes of hitting a target.

If you are ready to get started in social media, contact Eternal Design and allow us to implement a social media strategy for your business that makes actually works. Besides, it’s so much better to hand a prospective client a high quality business card than scribbling your email address on the back of a napkin…

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